Baby Items that I can’t live without!

Baby Products that I can’t live without

Can I blog about blogging? Lol. Well I am for a minute. I am having so much fun blogging and i highly recommend that you start one too. I love opening up and sharing my stories. The response that i have gotten has been overwhelming. I have received so many messages and comments with your own stories and i love it. I love hearing how my own experiences have helped you in some way. I have had almost 600 hits on my blog since i started it 3 days!! Now with that being said I think I’m going to write a not-so serious post tonight. I am no expert on this mommy thing and i am definitly not super mom. But i would like to share things that i have found helpful, I’m not saying they will work for everybody but i would like to share what has worked for me. Maybe you haven’t heard of the product and it will help you. As most of you know my mom is not in my life( i’ll get to that in a later post) so the things that most new moms ask their moms about, I’m not able to. So most of the stuff I know I’ve learned from googling, pinterest, finding out the hard way, and of course, all of my mommy friends.IMG_6300

Here are some of my favorite items:Nursery Projector

  • Munchkin Nursery Projector- Can be purchased at amazon or walmart. 
    • It plays music to soothe your baby.  It has 6 noise options-heartbeat, ocean, white noise, rain sounds, lullabies and mozart. Brayden loved white noise when he was little now he loves lullabies. Honestly, the lullabies make me want to stab my ears drums but whatever makes him happy! Brylee likes white noise – it knocks her out almost immediately.
    • Projects on the ceiling- it has three different slides. It has bright colors and rotates so it keeps Brylee’s attention. Brayden has to have both the sound and the projector playing every night. He lays in his bed, arms behind his head, staring at the ceiling. It really keeps him calm, distracts him if he doesn’t want to go to bed,
    • and gives him something to look at while falling asleep.
    • It has a timer and will play up to 60 mins. it is also voice- activated which is great because it will turn off and Brylee will start crying and it turns back on and puts her to sleep. We turn the voice-activated option off in Brayden’s room.


  • Gripe Water- Can be purchase at any pharmacy or Walmart.
    • It gets rid of hiccups!! Hiccups are annoying to listen to and I’m sure they are annoying for the baby. I didn’t find myself using this after the first couple months with Brayden but it is a most have for the first couple months of their life.


  • Butt Paste- Can be purchase at Walmart or Target.
    • I found this way too late in mommy life. Baby’s rash will clear right up with this stuff and its instant relief for them! They have a yellow tube which is regular strength and red tube which is max. strength. I always get the red tube because it has 40% zinc oxide when the yellow tube only has 16% in it.


  • Apple Cider Vinegar- Can be purchased at any grocery store.
    • Best butt rash remedy that I’ve discovered. Basically it balances the pH level of apple cider vinegar is similar to the pH level of the protective of our skin so the soak will help restore balance. I just pour some in the tub and let Brayden soak, he doesn’t even notice.


  • Summer Infant Baby Monitor- Amazon, Babies R Us
    • Camera in each room, Split screen so I can see both my babies at the same time
    • You can scan the room so if you have a mobile baby you can see what they are doing also you can zoom.
    • Color during the day and night vision
    • Two way audio- works AMAZING, i tell Brayden to go to sleep through the monitor and he listens. If i go in his room then all bets are off. Also its a great way to communicate with your spouse if you need them to do something while in the babies room.

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