Brylee’s Nursery

When I was pregnant with Brayden I went all out on his nursery. I bought so much stuff for his room and spent a lot of money. This time around I realized we didn’t need all that, nor could we afford it. So I just bought a couple things and called it good.

Dream big. Use kind words. Say I love you. laugh. giggle. be silly. share. say please and thank you. keep your promises. Be grateful. help others & don’t whine. Take a moment to breathe. Try new things. keep calm and carry on. Laugh out loud.

This was the one item that I splurged on. It was $60 but I really wanted it because it says exactly what i want to teach my children.

…and its super cute 🙂


The mirror was given to me from a friend. The lamp and the basket were 70% off at Michaels. Dresser is Brayden’s. We hang almost all of his clothes so he just has plastic drawers in his closet. IMG_8130

Flowers and milk can were 70% off from Michael’s and i just wrapped some lace burlap around it for a more girly look.

IMG_6608Milk bottles and flowers were on sale at Michael’s. I used acrylic water to keep the flowers in place.  The shelves were handmade by my dad.

IMG_8134IMG_8135My twin bought me the chicklet shelf. It has turned into my shelf of sentimental items and its basically the only pink in her room. Brylee’s great grandma gave her the crown. My best friend’s mom hand-made Brylee the hat and booties. My friend made the card, i think she meant for it to be a quick note but I loved it so it is now a part of my decor lol Brylee’s baby bracelet is hanging up there, too.

IMG_9638 I handmade the chevron crib protectors. Bird picture on sale at Hobby Lobby.


Bought this 50% at hobby lobby. It serves as a table to put her projector and humidifier on. The drawers hold her millions of headbands, socks, and hats.  Rocking chair we had from Brayden.


2 thoughts on “Brylee’s Nursery

  1. Sometimes simple is best 😊 her room is very cute! My husband and I plan to try and not go over board for our babies/kids. We want to save as much money as we can for when they are older. I am looking forward to moving into our house in a few weeks so we can start decorating everything.


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