The most important thing I remember my dad teaching me when I was growing up is “It takes a lot of truth to gain trust and just one lie to lose it all”

That is so true. Branden and I made an agreement with each other not to lie, even if it hurts me, don’t lie to me and don’t go behind my back.

I trust him so much. I don’t have to worry about going through his phone or wondering why he came home from work later than usual.

Now that doesn’t mean that Branden lying to me or being with someone else doesn’t cross my mind. Of course it does. I’m Human. I have insecurities.

But there is a line that I don’t cross. If I truly trust him I won’t need to go through his phone or accuse him of cheating.

I have those doubts and then I remind my self that he has done nothing to break my trust.

If he did lie to me, it would probably be repairable. Depending on what its about. if he lied to me about being a murderer, then i don’t know if I would be able to move forward with him lol but most lies i believe we would be able to move past but that trust would be completely gone and only time and honesty will be able to repair it. When you are able to forgive then you need to fully forgive. That means not bringing it up every time you get into an argument. its hard but its possible.

NO cheating. If you truly love someone then being faithful should come easy.

When we got married we agreed, we can work through anything that life throws at us. We will have bad days and maybe even bad years but we can fight through it. Cheating is the only thing that we have agre\ed will be terms for divorce. I respect myself too much to allow someone to treat me like that and I know he feels the same.

I can tell you that out of the 6.5 years we have been together, we have never accused each other of cheating. No one should have to constantly prove to their spouse that they can be trusted when they have done nothing to break your trust. 6df69f904b9ca0fe5609f0741e8e2942


3 thoughts on “Trust

  1. So very true. My husband and I agreed never to lie to one another as well (other then little white lies for surprises and gifts). We are completely and %1000 percent open and honest with one another. We share passwords with each other to show each other we have nothing to hide from each other. I agree on the working things out. Divorce is something we do not ever want. We plan to work through everything that may come our way and so far have. All the struggles have only made us come closer as a couple and only come out stronger in the end. True love isn’t something to give up on and too many people now days look at marriage as a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship… Any little thing and they say oh well I’m going to leave. Relationships are hard work sometimes and the only way its going to last as if you and your spouse work together as partners to fix things.

    I truly love reading your blogs Brittany 😊


  2. I love the quote you put at the end. My husband and I have been together for a long time now. We have so much trust in each other and have been through things that most couples our age don’t go through. But we are stronger because of it. We share everything and always support each other. When you get married you have to be sure that person is your best friend because after all your best friend is the only one that knows your secrets, and loves you for you always.


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