Transitioning to a Big Boy Bed

I have a tendency to jump the gun on a lot of things. When Brayden was 14 months old we transitioned him to a toddler bed. The reason we transitioned him so soon is because we wanted to get him while he’s young. We wanted to make this “his normal” before he got older and more stubborn, basically we were trying to avoid bedtime battles.


This is how we set it up the first night. Stupid move on our part. Having it like this increased the chances of Brayden falling out of bed. We should have had one side against the wall.

He actually did great, he didn’t fight us at all. When he would wake up, he would stay in bed and cry for us until we came and got him. The problem that we had was that even though we placed one side against the wall, he was still falling out of bed twice every night. He’s a tough boy and its not a long fall but falling out of bed is a harsh way to be woken up. Not fun momma either! I was woken up twice a night to a loud thump followed by a loud cry. I never got used to hearing it, i would freak out every time. My heart would be racing making it hard to fall back asleep. I would run in there, put him back to bed and he would immediately fall back asleep. I was 9 months pregnant, not getting any sleep as is, so waking up two additional times was not working out… for me. For that reason we decided to go back to the crib.

About a month and a half later, at 16 months old, we I decided to give it another try. While Branden was at work, I dragged the toddler bed up the stairs and put it back in Brayden’s room. I left his crib in their too just in case things didn’t work out again. Its been a month and he hasn’t fallen out of the bed ANY. Not even once!!! Most nights go smoothly, he doesn’t fight, he gets in himself, kisses us good nights and lays in bed until he falls asleep. We have had an occasional issue at nap time but i can talk to him through the camera and tell him to go back to bed and he will listen. We don’t go in his room when he is fighting sleep because we don’t want him to get in the habit of crying to get us to come in the room.

Now when he wakes up, he gets out of bed and bangs on the door. no warning, no crying- just loud thumps on the door lol. Overall I feel that its safe to say that we have successfully transitioned to a big boy bed!!!!! 🙂

This is Brayden in his big boy bed, he is not really sleeping. I told him to lay in his bed so I can take a picture and this was the end result, lol.



One thought on “Transitioning to a Big Boy Bed

  1. We did the same thing with Leila. She loves her big girl bed and I’m happy that her and her sister can share a room finally cause both beds fit 😊 brayden is so cute in that bed.


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