Out of Hibernation

I can’t tell you how many times i went into work puking during my first trimester or had to pull over on my way to work to puke- more times than I can count. Rushing to appointments after my shift or pushing through days where i had hip pain or barely any sleep. I did that because I wanted to save every bit of my maternity leave for AFTER Brylee got here so I could spend time with her. FMLA gives you 12 weeks but you take away from that if you call out sick due to pregnancy or if you have to leave for appointments.

After 2.5 months home with my B’s, I finally had to venture back to the working world. Bittersweet but overall I’m glad to be back! Im also glad I didn’t have to drive through ANY snow storms this year!!! As I have said before, being a stay at home mom is just not for me. I admire stay at home moms and women who run  in-home daycares- it is not as easy as people make it seem. They certainly don’t get enough credit. People think they sit around and watch T.V. all day. uh. no. They literally break a sweat- chasing toddlers, tantrums, screaming babies, poopy diapers..or even worse poopy highchairs or tubs!!!! ugh!

So I am glad to get back to work. Its actually a break from the chaos. I get to have a lunch break!!!! wha??? 30 minutes of quiet solitude? count me in!!

oh AND I have a reason to shower and put makeup on! feels so good to feel good about myself! I won’t even go into how many days in a row i skipped showers……

I had friends ask me to write what my schedule was like so I’m trying to be as detailed as possible. sorry if i bore some of you lol

I have allotted myself TWO HOURS AND FOURTY-FIVE MINUTES for the mornings. Over the weekend, I set out clothes for both of the kids for the whole week so i can just grab and go. Up at 5:15. I get one hour to get myself ready. 35 mins to get Brayden and Brylee ready. Between chasing a toddler and begging him to let me put his shoes on to praying for baby girl to burp that time fliessss by! Takes me 30 mins to get to the daycare (which is on my way to work) and about 15 mins to get them inside and say our goodbyes. Every bit of the last 30 minutes is spent fighting traffic and running into work.

Branden helps where he can if Brylee wakes between 5:15 and 6, he feeds her while I’m still getting ready. He has to leave at 6 to be to work by 7. Our daycare opens at 7 so thats why i am in charge of drop off i also pickup since branden works long shifts. He has off on Fridays so that will be my easy day! 🙂

I get up with the babies at night because… its easier that way. Like most men, he is a deep sleeper and I have mommy ears and hear every little sound. You girls know what I’m talking about.. you know…you never TRULY sleep, we are always subconsciously awake. For over a week now Brayden has been getting up in the middle of the night because he is teething a molar – it just popped through – hopefully that means there is an end in sight. He gets up once a night i just change his diaper, give him his paci and put him back in bed. Its not that hard but its one more time I have to get up during the night. Remember when Brylee was throwing up? we found out we were feeding her too much in a sitting. she can’t drink more than 2 oz at a time- this lasts her two hours. She used to sleep in 4 hr stretches sometimes even more but this past week she wakes up every two hours on the freaking dot…right down to the minute. I usually get up two-three times with her and once with Brayden… in an 8 hr time span. Its a good night if i get two hrs of interrupted sleep with these kids. I think they call people in my situation- a mombie.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 9.47.32 PM

Drop off was 100 times easier then dropping off Brayden for the first time. Partially because I trust my babysitter and partially because I knew what to expect, I had already been through it so I knew my babies would be fine. I didn’t cry at all. i almost did but just because I was mortified that Brylee was screaming her head off like the diva she is [and no I don’t know who she gets it from ;)]. My biggest worry is that Brylee will scare away the babysitter…lol… but seriously I’m terrified…Brylee can be a pain..a cute pain.. but a pain. BTW, getting two kids in and out of the car is not as hard as I thought.

It was so nice to come home today! Brylee was all smiles and cooing for me and Brayden gave me so many hugs and kisses. I could tell he really missed me which was such a great feeling. When I put him to bed tonight he grabbed my head with both of his hands and pulled me in for a big kiss… he did this twice <3<3

He already had a night terror tonight which I honestly saw coming. Any time there is a big change in his life he does this. I know he loved daycare, he has a boy his age there to play with. He has so many new toys to play with that he barely even said bye to me this morning!!

Today was a success as I had hoped! Im running on fumes but as my mother in law always reminds me – this too shall pass! I’m so excited for our families future! ❤

image                image


2 thoughts on “Out of Hibernation

  1. Waited so long for this one ^-^ and I’m glad Im not the only one who does drop off and pick up and gets up everytime they wake up. Ali has been sleeping through the night the last two weeks so I’ve been lucky! After reading this I font feel as overwhelmed! 🙂


  2. I can totally relate to everything! Love that I’m not the only one lol. Leila gets up in the middle of the night because she doesn’t like the dark and Audrey is teething really bad so I’m lucky if I even get 4 hours. I’m still looking for a new job and Bobby is having back surgery on Thursday so things are about to get real difficult. But as a mom of 2, I can say I think we are both doing a great job😁


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