Lucky in Love <3

How do you know that you’ve found your soul mate? That person you can’t live without. The day I met Branden —I knew I wanted to get to know him but I didn’t realize that HE was going to be my love story. I knew I loved his baby blue eyes but I didn’t realize those same eyes I was gazing into would soon be the same eyes my children would have. I knew I loved his big hands but I had no idea those would be the same hands I would be holding while giving birth to my children. I knew I loved his shy little smile but I had no idea I’d be seeing that same smile as I walked down the aisle to say ‘I do’.

A friend once asked me if I ever wished I hadn’t gotten married so young. The answer is no. I KNOW that their is no one else in the world for me.

Marriage is such a big commitment and I believe the divorce rate is only high because people get married for the wrong reasons, already have one foot out the door, or lost focus on the one they were married to. Branden reminds me EVERYDAY why I married him and why I love him so much. It’s so effortless, too. Like last night he said “I love seeing you smile, it just makes me feel so happy on the inside” he says this a lot and I still get butterflies when he says it. I think gosh, I am so lucky that I’m married to someone that’s so happy just because I’m happy. Or how about the text message I got this morning? “Is it weird I just wanna go home and hug my kids and wife!!! I miss you all!!!” He looks at me and says things like  “your so beautiful” “I love seeing you happy” “I like you better without makeup” “I love your hugs” “I love coming home to you” “your eyes are so pretty” “you make me so happy baby”

I feel so blessed! I want to shout it to the world but I can’t so I guess I’ll just have to write it in a blog that everyone will probably gag while reading 😂 i hope that if your with some one that doesn’t treat you like your his world that you see that you deserve so much better. I hope your not with a man because he’s the father to your children or you need his financial support. I want everyone to experience the happiness that i feel everyday and everyone has that opportunity BUT if your with the wrong person how are you ever able to find the right person?

Thanks for reading xoxo!



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