A sweet gift from my egg donation recipient

I finally received the gift from my recipient that I posted about a few weeks ago. She wrote me the sweetest letter and gave me the most heart felt gift that I have ever received. I have written out the letter below for you guys to read if you would like.

First I want to mention that this process is meant to be anonymous for privacy for all parties involved. I honestly didn’t even think writing letters and giving gifts were even an option. For those of you that are not familiar with the egg donation process, initially, I completed all the ultrasounds, bloodwork, personality tests, and psychological review. Once this was completed my profile was put in the database allowing recipients to sift through profiles and find the perfect match for them. As such, they have seen pictures and basically anything about me that you can think of. They know everything but my name – the fact that I was so chubby when I was a baby that I had 3 chins, she has pictures of me from when I was a newborn to now.  She even knows the sound of my voice from an interview recording that was taken a few months back. I know nothing about her or her husband other than what I am sharing with you today from this letter. I do know that as you will see in the letter that she wants to have multiple children and of course, she would prefer that they look similar. As such, she has asked that I do another donation for her in the spring. I am so happy that I will get to do a second donation for her.

I want so bad to meet her and I believe she wants to meet me, too. I feel like I have been reading a book of struggles (experienced by her, her husband, and even myself) and haven’t had the opportunity to read the ending. I want to know if they actually conceive. Will I actually have another part of me in this world? I wonder if I will ever know.

Here is what she wrote me… I hope you find it as touching as I did.

Dearest AD 586,

When I was 6 years old, I told my mother that when I turned 16 o would marry Prince Charming. We would have 10 kids, and then I would become an elementary school teacher. She got a chuckle out of the idea that at 6 years old I had my whole life planned out. There decades later, I know why she laughed! I am now a CPA, not an elementary school teacher. I missed my planned wedding date by 20 years. And my husband is a Nuclear Physicist. However, I did get one thing right. He did turn out to be Prince Charming! As for the kids, one never does know quite what challenges one will be given in life. Maybe there won’t be 10, but because of the gift you’ve given us, there is a possibility that we may someday have enough to need a minivan! The words “thank you” will never be sufficient to say to a person who will always have a special place in our family. The enclosed earrings are a blend of our wedding bands. The diamonds represent my eternity bands and the hammered metal is the same as my husband’s band. We will always have our babies to remind us of you, and we wanted you to have a small reminder that uniquely links you to our family. You have made us feel so blessed! We wish you and your family the same. If you ever find yourself needing to reach us, please don’t hesitate to find us on the Donor Sibling Registry.

You’ll always be in our thoughts and prayers,

October 2016 Recipients

These are our wedding bands


We picked out each stone by hand and custom designed the settings. It was really important t0 us that the rings were one-of-a-kind and had special meaning behind them. You see, we were creating family heirlooms. Thank you for giving us heirs to “loom” to!!


3 thoughts on “A sweet gift from my egg donation recipient

  1. Wow I am in tears! They are amazing people and they found an amazing person to create their miracle love you Brittany


  2. This was truly a blessing to read. I am praying for you to be able to meet this family one day I think it could be very sweet.


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